We thank Simon Thomas for testing our MobileCinema i400 and sharing it on YouTube. 

MobileCinema i400

Experts' Opinion

"The mobile pocket projector Aiptek MobileCinema i400 is suitable for a wide range of applications with its convincing image

quality, small size, and battery operation. Thanks to its diverse connectional options, it can be used effectively both

privately and professionally. The requested non-binding selling price is absolutely appropriate.  (hifitest.de) 

"This little mini projector has all you need.“ (Fun Thomas, Youtube Tech Reviewer)

"Seen and directly approved.“ (Grobi TV)

" The MobileCinema i400 by AIPTEK is a must for movie fans who either like to sit together with friends or from time to time want a big

picture in the living room. " (Experten Beraten)

MobileCinema i400 - Compelling Cinema Experience, Anywhere

Wirelessly video streaming and projection from iOS and Android devices.

Incorporates stereo 6W speakers for optimising audio experience.

Doubled as Data and Video Projector for Business Presentation and Movie Entertainment

With its hybrid native 1280 x 800 resolution, i400 displays both data and internet text in computer and HD 720p (1280 x 720) or Full HD videos in best clarity.

Impressive Image Quality

Newest DLP technology provides rich colours 16.7 Million and high contrast 1500:1.

Short throw ratio 1.2, 100% lens offset, automatic keystone correction, and a build-in foldable stand assure automatic image calibration and large image size in short distance.

Projection of image size up to 115’’ diagonal.

Automatic Keystone Correction

MobileCinema i400 supports Automatic Keystone Correction to assure automatic image calibration, even when a build-in foldable stand is in use.

Durable Battery Power for Ultimate Mobility

Built-in with 11.1V, 5000 mAh Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery, MobileCinema i400 can project at the brightness of 400 lumens for 2.5 hours or at 160 lumens (Eco mode) for 5 hours.

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